November 27, 2015

Message from the OVHS Principal

Owens Valley High School has a long and proud history.  Started in the basement of the Masonic Lodge in 1916, OVHS has always striven to meet the needs of local students, and continues that commitment today. Owens Valley High has changed programs and curriculum many times since 1916 to meet its commitment to provide students the best education and opportunity for a better future. We are looking forward to fully implementing the Academy Program as we see this as one of the best ways for today's students to achieve a quality high school education that will give them what they need to be competitive in today's rigorous educational and job climate. We want students to have choices upon graduation.

OVHS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  We are proud that the last two visits we received from the Accreditation Commission were led by Dr. David Brown, the Director of WASC.  Dr. Brown was impressed with the model that Owens Valley High was using to provide students with a 21st century education.  Our seamless combination of classes taught by teachers both in the building and somewhere else, combined with our personal commitment to each student and parent provides a opportunity for quality education.

Technology was included as a learning tool at OVHS 20 years ago, and has continually been upgraded so that students and faculty have current learning and teaching tools and broad access to knowledge and information. Our long history of technology has allowed us to experience the emergence of distance learning. This is simply taking a class where the teacher is located in a different physical place than the student. This has been a part of the Owens Vally High curriculum for over a decade.  In recent years, fueled by students desire for a broader selection of classes, distance learning has become an important component in the OVHS curriculum. Every student is monitored by an OV teacher to make sure that they meeting the requirements of distance learning classes, receiving any assistance they need, and making progress. We partner with many colleges that provide distance learning throughout the United States including the University of Missouri, BYU, Kansas State University, Cerro Coso Community College, Barstow Community College, and several others.  As we find quality providers that meet our standards and criteria, we add them to our list. An added bonus is that with additional classes our students can graduate with their first semester of college units  completed, or they can graduate high school in three years.

Our small size allows us the flexibility to deliver education in a more personal way, quickly adjust to a changing environment, expose students to real-world learning, and provide the best learning opportunities for students. Our size, however, limits our ability to participate in traditional high school athletics. We provide coaches when there is enough interest, but often there are not enough students who wish to participate to field a team. We do, however stress the importance of healthy activities and lifestyle, and provide opportunity in learning physical activities that will continue beyond high school.

Owens Valley High School will continue to provide whatever is needed to prepare students with a quality high school experience that prepares them to meet the challenges they will face upon graduation.  We do not believe that high school graduation is a destination, but an important part out a students journey to becoming a productive, vital, happy, contributing member of society. We want our graduates to have choices when they leave our school.

Owens Valley High School isn't a place that can truly be described.  As with any dynamic environment it is something that your have to experience to fully appreciate.  We encourage visitors, guest speakers, and just the curious to visit our school. You need only make arrangements and we would be happy to show you what makes Owens Valley High School unique and let you experience what high school should be.

Joel Hampton
Principal, Owens Valley High School